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Video surveillance has never been easier. Install Alfred the mobile app on two smartphones. One is your Webcam at your designated location and take the other one with you as a Viewer.

Alfred home security IP cam app brings home video surveillance on the cheap. The whole premise of the security and surveillance app is to use your existing gear and make the setup process as easy as possible. All you need is two phones and a Gmail account for login.

Your own phone then becomes a viewer, and the oldie but goldie handset at home becomes a web cam, instead of gathering dust in the drawer. The surveillance app lets you set multiple viewers and cameras, and you get to see your living room or baby crib less than three seconds after choosing a camera. One of the funniest options is using Alfred as a walkie-talkie of sorts to startle the potential intruder with wise remarks, or sign a lullaby to your toddler remotely.

Check it out if you have an extra smartphone lying around doing nothing, and are in need of home surveillance equipment. I yearn for the time when my trusty smartphones will have robotic arms, laser eyes and will guard my home. Smartphone, capable as it is, is still a long way from becoming a Transformer. However the best home security apps can help you in safeguarding your property. These home security apps are more like a watchful guardian than a spandex wearing Kung Fu master. The best home security apps will help you in monitoring your home and surroundings with ease.

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So if there is a thief luring around, you will have video evidence of that. The fourth apps was tested by an associate in Germany. All the apps worked fine. Alfred is the butler of Batman and keeps his estate safe and secure. Now Alfred can work for you and keep your home safe, essentially making you Batman! Now that I have gotten that out of my system, the app itself is very striking and easy to use.

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There are no lengthy logins or signups here and the interface is as straightforward as it can get. I especially loved the soft color scheme of the app which really eases you into the user interface. The app can make any smartphone into a camera which can monitor on a simple command.


If you have an old Android smartphone relaxing around, you can make it a handy security cam without even spending a fortune. Amazing design and smooth interface. Surprisingly easy setup.

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Can be used as a viewer or a camera. Notable Feature:. The app comes with motion detecting capabilities. The app can also send you snap shots when motion is detected on your viewing smartphone. If you tap on the snapshot the app will take you to a live feed of the surveillance video. Solo necesitamos un par de smartphones conectados a Internet incluso uno solo , una cuenta de correo electrónico y la instalación de alguna de las aplicaciones gratuitas disponibles. El sistema funciona con cualquiera de las combinaciones posibles de estos dos tipos de dispositivos.

La verdad es que a esta aplicación no se le echa en falta nada. Es muy completa y al menos en las pruebas que hemos realizado, ha funcionado estupendamente. Veamos algunas características , todas ellas disponibles en esta aplicación sin coste:. Sin duda una interesante herramienta para mantener nuestra casa vigilada o para utilizarla como dispositivo vigila bebés, aunque sus usos pueden llegar a ser tan variados como lo sea nuestra imaginación.

En la mayoría de los casos, deberemos extremar la precaución para mantener seguro y a salvo de ojos indiscretos nuestro sistema de videovigilancia. Free Home Security? Introducing the home security ip cam alfred. So, how much does a home security system camera cost today? Not a penny, thousands of families are using a complete free alternative called Alfred.

Got an old or unused smartphone laying around? Your smartphone is more versatile and powerful than virtually all IP cameras in the current market.

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If you are looking for a home security camera or even a baby monitor, Alfred has you covered. With Alfred you can do most of the things that cheap basic DIY home security system will give you. Alfred is an app that enables video monitoring by turning your old phones into a mini security camera, baby monitor, nanny cam, CCTV alternative, IP camera, security cam, web cam, wi-fi camera and a basic home alarm system. The motion detection and push notification features alert you when something is detected.

Install Alfred the mobile app on both your old phone and your current phone. One is your new home security IP camera and your current phone will be used to Monitor the security camera system. What are you waiting for? You could buy refurbished phones, second hand phones, or even re-purpose old broken phones at little or no cost and receive some decent home security. I personally have found this app to be fun, stable and useful. I, like most people, had a spare android phone so I thought I would give it a shot. For something so simple and easy to set-up the extra little bit of safety you feel from it is quite amazing.

He has been dealing with home security products and equipment for as long as he can remember. There are plenty of decent security cameras around. If you already have a spare smartphone, there is no reason no to use it to keep an eye on your home. Alfred can help. You will need two smartphones to get started. Alfred not only lets you keep an eye on your place, it also offers motion detection.

You can have multiple cameras and viewers. Since you are using two smartphones, two-way communication is possible. Alfred also lets take snapshots from your smartphone. Like what you see? You can find Alfred on Google Play. Your house will also need a good, always on, Internet connection with WiFi. It started as an Android only App but recently released an iOS version.

The Android version has a few more features, but both work. Install Alfred and log in using your Google account. Set that phone in a location where it has a good view of what you want to watch, plug it into power and turn on the Alfred app. This is your Camera — just leave it on, using Alfred, all the time. The Viewer With your current Android phone, install Alfred and log in to your google account so you can view what the camera s are seeing — this phone is your Viewer.

Alfred also handles sound, it could be a baby monitor where you hear the baby crying, or you could shout at burglars!